eCOA Modalities

Every modality to fit site and patient ePRO and eCOA needs while boosting compliance.


Site-based Solutions

  • Track devices and order only what you need via real-time inventory management
  • Single sign-on technology allows access to multiple data points from different providers in the same view
  • Data are shared across devices allowing seamless support of multiple protocols
  • Usage is device agnostic and downward data capable


Provisioned Devices

  • Compact and new technology that fits in with the patient’s lifestyle
  • Device agnostic scale development allows greater efficiencies for follow-up studies
  • Intuitive user interface includes a display that indicates wireless signal strength
  • Alerts and reminders ensure protocol adherence and boost compliance
  • Remote subject management is possible via our analytics portal
  • Device integration with API


Web browser solutions: Accessible anywhere

  • Responsive design adapts to any screen size and resolution
  • Patients, caregivers and clinicians enter data on their own web-enabled devices
  • Built-in tools and reminders help with patient retention
  • Email and text message reminders encourage timely completion of eCOA assessments
  • No additional equipment investment


App-based solutions

  • BYOD App adheres to the highest regulatory standards ensuring patient privacy and data security
  • Intuitive interface allows patients to focus on clinical outcomes data anytime and anywhere
  • Compliance may be increased using patient reminders via email and/or SMS messages
  • Provisioned devices may be made available to complement app users

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