Empower patients to make informed decisions about participating in clinical trials

Electronic informed consent (eConsent) is a powerful tool for improving patients’ understanding of increasingly complex and technical clinical study designs, objectives, and requirements.

We believe in making the eConsent process as seamless as possible.

For Patients

  • Access the eConsent form through the YPrime App on the device that’s most convenient for them—mobile phone, tablet/laptop, desktop. They may begin the process on one device and continue on another.
  • Review and sign consent forms at their own pace and where they are most comfortable.
  • Once in the system, easy to re-consent throughout the study as needed

For Sponsors and Sites

  • Available as a standalone service
  • If used with other YPrime technology solutions, seamlessly fits into the site’s existing workflow
  • Single sign-on technology eliminates multiple system logins for other platforms integrated into the app environment (eConsent and eCOA)
  • Data sync eliminates need to restrict patients to specific devices
  • Automatically generate all user screenshots for IRB review
  • Sponsor, site, and study team receive real-time, permissions-based data
  • eConsent workflow is streamlined when there are multiple members of the care team who need to sign off

Find Out How YPrime’s Technology Can Help You Empower Patients During the eConsent Process.



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