Exceptional experience for sponsors, sites and patients

eCOA and digital technologies are the future of clinical research, effectively bridging the gap between traditional and forward-looking, patient-focused development. Rely on YPrime’s eCOA solutions not only for high quality patient data, but for a different and better user experience -- across sponsors, investigator sites and patient users.


Speed without Shortcuts

  • YPrime employs an agile software development approach to quickly customize and configure functions tailored to the needs of the study in 8-12 weeks. Our interactive and visual build process ensures clients have opportunities to see the system at different stages during design and development, prior to go-live
  • Our pre-validated, configurable authoring environment facilitates start-up timelines and post-production changes, such as protocol amendments
  • Assessment libraries allow for re-use of instruments in future studies, offering valuable efficiencies
  • The traditional DCF process can be a significant headache for sites and sponsors. Using our instant data correction tool, data changes are quickly cycled through review and approval, and the whole process can be completed in minutes, instead of weeks. Our platform allows for DCFs to be implemented instantaneously following approval


Simplicity for Sites and Patients

  • Intelligent sync allows site users to move between devices without the risk of missing or duplicating data and ensures all site-based devices stay consistent. This feature replaces the traditional need to assign individual patients to specific devices at the site level
  • Single sign on allows site users to manage all YPrime studies with one set of credentials
  • A global helpdesk is available anytime, anywhere to support site and patient users
  • Slim and light handheld devices fit with patients’ active lifestyles, and mirror the experience of consumer devices


Data Transparency drives better quality

Our eCOA platform delivers near real-time data to drive quality and informed decisions

  • Data analytics features provide quick insight into information that matters most
  • Devices sync data in the background of our applications, creating a seamless user experience
  • With the ability to schedule sync times, users can review data as it is received in our study portal
  • Data can be extracted anytime directly from our study portal
  • Real-time inventory management via an intuitive study portal lets you know where your devices are at all times, from deployment to site deliveries


Project control for sponsors

  • Fit-for-purpose device manufacturing  strategy offers better security, optimizes performance and longevity, and ensures global coverage. YPrime devices are purpose-built for eCOA and are loaded only with the eCOA app, maximizing battery life and operating speed. We also retain full control over the digital data collection environment, including when and how operating system updates are deployed
  • Remote on/off, lock and wipe capabilities provide robust risk management coverage, in the event of device loss or theft
  • Web-based back-up solutions are available in the rare event of device breakage or loss

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