YPrime Launches its eCOA Gen 5 Platform

January 26, 2021

MALVERN, Pa., Jan. 26, 2021 –YPrime, LLC., a global leader in cloud-based eClinical solutions, announced today the launch of their fifth-generation electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) platform. YPrime’s newest platform features an improved user experience for patients, clinical investigators, sponsors, and CROs. This advanced technology enhances clinical trial efficiency, increases site satisfaction, and improves patient compliance. This release also ensures the delivery of cleaner data, streamlining the clinical trial data collection and approval process.

“With a 15-year track record as a technology leader, we are constantly innovating to help drive the digital transformation of clinical research,” said YPrime Co-Founder and CEO Shawn Blackburn. “The rapid shift toward a more patient-centered approach to clinical trials is enabled by the strength of our eCOA platform.”

Tailored for today’s complex clinical trials, YPrime’s platform helps patients remain engaged and compliant through straightforward design. Developed to integrate intelligently with other eClinical technologies and with the ability to move between devices, YPrime offers a customized solution with the necessary control and security that ensures accurate data collection from specification to submission.

“Real-time data access enhances project control for sponsors and empowers their decision-making,” said Michael Hughes, senior vice president, product development. “With superior processing power and advanced security protections, clinical development teams can be assured that they’ll receive continuous, high-quality data throughout the duration of the study.”

About YPrime

YPrime’s cloud-based technology streamlines clinical trial data collection and management. YPrime’s eCOA and interactive response technology (IRT) platforms introduce greater speed, precision, and data quality to clinical trials. Our consulting services help clients simplify downstream processes, while moving faster and more efficiently to their next development milestone.

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