YPrime Survey Reveals Challenges and Opportunities for Streamlining Oncology Trials with eCOA

April 3, 2024

Survey explores how eCOA enhances patient experience and reduces risk and uncertainty

MALVERN, PA, April 3, 2024 – YPrime, the leading pioneer in clinical trial technology, today revealed findings from a comprehensive survey of oncology clinical research stakeholders. The report detailing and analyzing the findings, Decreasing the Burden of Oncology Clinical Trials with eCOA, sheds light on the specific challenges and opportunities surrounding electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) use in oncology trials.

While all clinical trials share similarities, oncology trials present distinct complexities. These include diverse cancer types, treatment modalities, patient populations, endpoints, and lengthy follow-up periods.

Key Survey Findings:

  • Patient recruitment and retention remain top concerns: 81% of respondents identified this as a major challenge.
  • Timelines and delays are pervasive: 68% of participants cited this as a concern, highlighting the pressure to accelerate time-to-market.
  • Managing complexity is crucial: 50% of respondents emphasized the need for systems capable of handling complex study designs and protocol amendments.

“This survey’s findings highlight the crucial role eCOA technology can play in addressing the unique challenges of oncology research,” said Mike Hughes, Chief Product Officer at YPrime. “By improving patient engagement, streamlining data collection, and enabling real-time insights, eCOA platforms can significantly reduce risk and uncertainty in oncology trials. This translates to faster time-to-market for new cancer treatments, ultimately benefiting patients needing effective therapies.”

YPrime’s eCOA solves for certainty through deep oncology expertise and a validated library, ensuring a smooth and efficient startup and amendment implementation process. This translates to fewer delays and faster timelines, while enabling a seamless user experience.

The report also explores how eCOA platforms can help address these priorities:

  • Enhanced patient-centricity: 66% of respondents identified eCOA’s ability to collect vital patient-reported outcomes (PROs) and manage complex questionnaires as key benefits.
  • Reduced patient burden: 66% of participants highlighted the value of eCOA in minimizing patient time spent at clinical sites.
  • Flexibility and adaptability: Survey responses emphasized the need for eCOA platforms that can adapt to the ever-evolving nature of oncology research

Within several questions, survey participants identified concerns regarding the time required for study start-up and protocol amendment implementation. These delays can significantly impact overall clinical trial timelines.

For a complete analysis of the survey findings and a deeper dive into how eCOA can optimize your oncology trials, download the complimentary report, Decreasing the Burden of Oncology Clinical Trials with eCOA

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