Mapi Collaborates with YPrime to Accelerate the Deployment of eCOA Solutions

July 17, 2017

LONDON, July 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Mapi, the original developer of Linguistic Validation and most trusted provider of Clinical Outcome Assessments collaborates with YPrime, the leading eClinical technology provider, to streamline the deployment of validated Assessments migrated onto YPrime’s eCOA platform.

Mapi Language services and YPrime are leveraging cloud level integrations between technology platforms to establish a seamless operational interface between Mapi’s ISO 17100 certified process and YPrime’s eCOA platform facilitating Linguistic Validations and direct screenshot reviews enabling faster turnaround time and higher quality assurance of migrated instruments.

The collaboration will also deliver integration for Mapi to directly develop and validate eCOAs on YPrime’s platform eliminating the manual versioning and migrated questionnaire processes for new ‘born on eCOA’ questionnaires. The cloud facilitated integration process improves migration integrity of paper originated COAs. This expands Mapi’s and YPrime’s offering to support our mutual clients with simultaneous multi-lingual development of eCOAs directly on YPrime’s platform.

“Working with MAPI is part of YPrime’s strategy to simplify access, and expedite start-up timelines to eCOA implementation for research organizations across the industry,” said Mark Maietta, Chief Commercial Officer of YPrime. “We are thrilled about the opportunity to align our advanced platform with the largest provider of Patient-Centered Outcome instruments in this initiative. With established benefits in user experience, data quality and regulatory acceptance of eCOA solutions, I am confident this alliance will accelerate the already-burgeoning eCOA market adoption.”

The new process will reduce the Linguistic Validation cycle and accelerate deployment enabling quicker ‘first patient in’ timelines. Additionally, the alliance enables real time collaboration reducing review and correction cycles. The entire process tightly follows Mapi’s ISO 17100 Certification and offers direct multi-language simultaneous development of validated eCOAs on YPrime’s eCOA platform.

“This collaboration demonstrates Mapi’s commitment to transparency, quality and diligence in supporting our clients and YPrime’s innovation in developing industry integrated platforms breaking the collaborative service barrier across COA licensing, Language Services and eCOA platform providers.” Commented Elan Josielewski, Mapi’s VP of Corporate Strategy and Global Marketing.

Benefits to our customers:

  • eCOAs developed and validated directly on the platform used to collect the outcome data.
  • Assurance that Linguistic Validations are completed seamlessly by the industry’s most experienced Language Services team and the industry’s most trusted experts.
  • eCOA screens are reviewed and certified without the need to email screenshot files

About Mapi Language Services:
Mapi Language Services is the worldwide leader in medical translation and linguistic validation of COAs. Mapi Language Services’ experience represents more than 40,000 linguistically validated versions of over 2,500 Questionnaires into 170 languages.

About YPrime
For more than a decade, YPrime has specialized in providing eClinical technology and services that enable new and better ways of clinical trial information management. We design the most configurable software to meet study-specific requirements, and support the needs of sponsors, patients and sites throughout a clinical trial. YPrime’s consulting services help clients use clinical systems efficiently and make informed decisions through the power of their own data.

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