Ryan Ridge, Senior Portfolio Director

As the COVID-19 pandemic remains a challenge in the clinical research space, YPrime continues to look for ways to do our part innovating and expediting the current clinical technology paradigm.

Experts in the Interactive Response Technology (IRT) space have continued to argue that patient randomization and clinical trial supply management are not commodities, therefore, neither is the software used to manage it.  Never-the-less, we are often asked what we do to differentiate ourselves in a crowded marketplace.  While there are many features and benefits that we can talk about, perhaps the most important differentiator is our ability to deploy, as rapidly as possible, full feature protocol tailored IRT systems while maintaining high quality.

Recently, a long-time customer came to YPrime with the goal of building an IRT system with a healthy lead time before patient enrollment in a clinical study to test an investigational vaccine for COVID-19, YPrime quickly assembled a proposal to support the accelerated enrollment timelines.

We took the challenge to our internal teams to determine if there was anything we could do to pull in the proposed dates; considering the amount of work required on the project, I must admit I was hesitant.  The YPrime team and the Sponsor engaged in collaborative discussions regarding the scope required.  Having a partner that is willing to respect you as the expert and meet you halfway to problem solve proved to be a very important piece in the puzzle.  With a more targeted scope, support from cross functional teams, and a passion to address the COVID-19 virus, YPrime created a plan to get the system delivered to meet the timelines.

With some high-pressure brainstorming, we learned what was possible when a group of skilled professionals are presented with a challenge and given the support they needed to solve it.  YPrime was able to finalize development and testing in time for an early UAT for Sponsor completion.

YPrime was able to move from the kick-off meeting to system go-live in less than one month; we put the Sponsor in a position to meet its IRT timelines and work toward study initiation.  I’m proud to say that we are doing our part in fighting COVID-19 and I’m proud to work at YPrime.