YPrime Launches eCOA Solution to Enhance the Patient Experience in Clinical Trials

June 2, 2020

MALVERN, P.A., June 2, 2020  — To drive high quality patient data collection in clinical trials, YPrime, a global leader of Interactive Response Technology (IRT) and electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA) today announced the release of its fourth-generation eCOA platform, which is designed to promote data integrity, accuracy and completeness through a feature-rich user experience, domain expertise support and data visibility for sponsors.

Pairing the latest software development techniques with a highly configurable authoring environment enables study teams to quickly build and deploy instruments for use in their clinical trials. YPrime’s software approach blends development and testing into an iterative process for better efficiency, higher quality and reliability that impacts everything from predictable delivery timelines to positive user experiences.

“The rapid adoption of eCOA is driving the future digital transformation of clinical research, said Michael Hughes, Senior Vice President, Product Development/Aubrey Llanes, eCOA Product Director. “The key difference between today’s clinical trial and the virtual model is the shift to the patients’ domain as the center of activity. The strength of our eCOA platform is through the power to enable this shift with user-centric design for patients and sites and project control for sponsors via real-time data access.”

Additionally, YPrime’s device manufacturing strategy provides optimal performance, security, lifecycle and supply chain stability. YPrime devices are purpose-built for eCOA and are loaded with the eCOA app and no other software, maximizing battery life and operating speed. Other product capabilities include:

  • Intelligent sync allows site users to move between devices without the risk of missing or duplicating data and ensures all site-based devices stay consistent. This feature replaces the traditional need to assign individual patients to specific devices at the site level.
  • Real-time inventory management through a study portal lets sponsors keep track of devices at all times.
  • Automated data correction process streamlines data changes through review, approval and implementation in minutes instead of weeks.
  • Web-back-up solutions ensure continuous data collection in the rare event of device breakage or loss.

All eCOA deployments are supported by experienced project managers and global helpdesk coverage to ensure fit-for-purpose solution design, risk management throughout a clinical study and quick resolution of technical issues. YPrime’s eCOA scientists are available for consultation to ensure implementation consistent with industry best practices and regulatory expectations.

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