YPrime Expands IRT Services to Offer Unprecedented Precision and Speed

March 29, 2017

MALVERN, P.A. – March 29, 2017 – YPrime announces the expansion of its interactive response technology (IRT) services with the introduction of IRT+. A cloud-based platform, IRT+ combines traditional IRT functionality of patient randomization and clinical supply management with advanced features and a suite of services to offer sponsors full control and real-time visibility into their clinical supply chain, patient interactions and site activities. Key IRT+ components include:

  • System configurability that accommodates post-release changes and trial-specific needs
  • Pooled material management across multiple clinical studies and programs
  • Self-service portal that supports real-time analytics and adhoc reporting
  • Clinical supplies forecasting and demand planning
  • Mobile app that provides study milestone updates, critical information and alerts
  • A range of solutions for early through late phase clinical trials
  • Patient and site engagement tools

“YPrime’s recent work with a range of increasingly complex study designs has guided development into what we believe is the most forward-looking IRT system available.”  said Shawn Blackburn, YPrime CEO and co-founder. “IRT+ offers the ability to configure capabilities through our new web-based portal.  What’s more, IRT+ system build can accommodate unique trial-specific needs or changes in days, not weeks.  Whether it is a large Phase III, complex adaptive design, Phase I oncology trial, or a long-term Phase IV project, we offer precision with speed.”

A unified architecture with YPrime’s eCOA platform allows multiple efficiency gains through reduced duplication of patient identifiers, patient demographics and site details. Centralized reporting eliminates the time and labor associated with consolidating and formatting reports from disparate systems.

About YPrime

YPrime offers more than a decade of focused work with eclinical systems to expedite and improve the quality of patient management, clinical supplies, drug accountability and clinical data. Cloud-based interactive response technology (IRT) and electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) platforms enable greater speed, precision and integration in clinical trial management. Our data services tools help sponsors bring together fragmented clinical research data into contextual information they can act on. YPrime’s technology and service offerings enable sponsors to move faster and more efficiently to their next development milestone.

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