Solving For Certainty—
De-Risking Clinical Trials from Study Design to Data Lock

Clinical research is increasingly becoming more complex, making it challenging for trial sponsors to meet timelines, quickly implement system changes related to protocol amendments, and ultimately deliver high-quality data. Combining an agile, purpose-built process with the industry’s most sophisticated tech stack, YPrime’s technology platform can help you stay ahead. 

With an average study start-up time of 31+ weeks and over 66% of clinical trials taking longer than planned, your technology must be seamless. From eConsent and IRT to eCOA and built-in patient engagement, our technology ecosystem allows you to focus on your next step. It’s intuitive enough for patients, and powerful enough for researchers.

YPrime has a proven history of de-risking clinical trials so you can move with certainty from study design to data lock. With 4x faster system changes related to protocol amendments (IRT) and up to 30% faster start-up times (eCOA), we’re here to support you. 

View the latest insights by downloading our fact sheet here.

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