ProPhase and YPrime Partner to Develop eCOA and other Digital Products Designed to Enhance Clinical Trial Outcomes

September 28, 2015

ProPhase, LLC, a global provider of measurement expertise in clinical trials, and YPrime, a clinical trial software products and services company, today announced a strategic partnership to develop digital products that create new clinical trial standardization processes and tools, from trial design and patient selection to using data analytics to improve endpoints and study results.

In announcing the collaboration called ProPhase Prime, chief executive officers of both companies underscored the opportunities this partnership offers to transform the clinical trial process, particularly the outcomes in studies that rely upon extensive interaction between the physician and the patient. The focus is on empowering research clinicians to contribute better data in real time by improving how assessments are conducted, and enriching the patient selection and ongoing evaluation process.

“The drug development process remains vulnerable to imperfect measurement of outcomes that inflate costs and create delays,” said Sofija Jovic, PhD, MBA, Chief Executive Officer at ProPhase. “ProPhase Prime combines our company’s deep expertise in measurement science with YPrime’s clinical trial software to create digital platforms that provide sites and Sponsors with access to real time, actionable data to power better outcomes.”

In addition to the existing ProPhase eCOA platform powered by YPrime, an electronic adaptation of an integrated screening tool designed to improve patient selection and mitigate data risks such as placebo response will be the first project between the two companies. The beta version is scheduled to preview in October and will be featured at CNS Summit, one of the flagship industry conferences, in Boca Raton, Florida on October 8, 2015.

“We fully expect to change the science of clinical trial development by providing intuitive and insightful software that captures traditional data more effectively as well as providing new benchmarks for analysis,” said Shawn Blackburn, Chief Executive Officer at YPrime.

“Our Collaboration is designed to improve the model for collection and measurement of key elements within a clinical trial, while empowering investigators and patients to drive innovation and improve accuracy of outcome data,” said Jovic.

ProPhase is a New York-based global provider of specialty services focusing on the use of applied measurement in CNS (psychiatry, neurology and rare/orphan diseases) as well as other indications in the healthcare spectrum which require calibration of observational assessment. They work to transform measurement science in clinical trials through collaboration and evidence-based innovation to improve outcomes for all stakeholders.

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