eClinical Consulting

YPrime can help solve your clinical data challenges.

With our knowledgeable in-house specialists dedicated to listening, collaborating, and executing to your specifications, we deliver a range of solutions that help clients make informed decisions through the power of their own data:

  • Data integration and implementation oversight
  • Data intelligence tools you need to generate insights and real-life scenarios in minutes, not days
  • Clinical application staffing support
  • Customized plans to fit your scope, budget and timelines

Our team is as “hands-on” as they come: We do what we promise, and, go the extra mile in everything we do.

Clinical System Integrations

The foundation of YPrime was built on clinical system integrations. Our integration service model integrates clinical trial data from any eClinical system. This helps you consolidate large volumes of data and present information visually, providing a unified summary of multiple data sources. Powerful analytics allow for quick identification of trends and anomalies across a clinical trial or program.

Our clinical system integration experts can handle your integrations from requirements to development to validation.

Visual Clinical Intelligence

Years of clinical research experience combined with IT know-how gives us the ability to help define what you need, design and build the enterprise architecture, structure the data, and select the right tools to deliver insightful reporting. We can simplify information management at every level by tailoring reports for study-specific, clinical program and product portfolio views.

Our approach eliminates manual efforts associated with data-gathering, formatting and analysis.  We consolidate large volumes of information; then present data visually and side-by-side so you can spot trends and anomalies more quickly.

Hands-On Clinical Application Support

Finally, YPrime can provide any level of clinical application support to assist system end users.  We have a well-earned reputation for clinical trial management system knowledge, as well as the ability to resolve issues quickly.


So don't wait for your next study. Contact YPrime and we’ll custom design and execute the ideal data strategy for your clinical development needs.


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