Disrupting Clinical Research: A Guide to Streamlining Trials

Master the Terrain. Understand internal processes, decision-makers, and potential roadblocks. This foresight prevents surprises and streamlines the climb.
Standardize Gear. Advocate for common industry standards, especially in IT procurement. This eliminates the tedious and confusing questionnaires that slow progress.
Communication and Trust are Oxygen. Keep lines of communication open with your vendors. Provide timely feedback and maintain a tight loop to avoid delays and missed opportunities.
Know your Everest. Deepen your understanding of the clinical research landscape, including acronyms, key players, and different pharma structures. This knowledge equips you to navigate this complex ecosystem.
Build a Team of Experts. Invest in relationships with multiple champions within pharma companies and CROs. These connections are crucial for navigating internal hurdles.
Prove your Ability. Demonstrate long-term viability. Secure funding, announce partnerships, and showcase your ability to reach the finish line.

Innovation and quality are at the core of everything we do as an industry to improve clinical trials. That’s why every year, we host the Innovation Network Gathering—a forum for brilliant minds from various backgrounds to come together to engage in thought-provoking discourse that sparks new opportunities for growth and change. 

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