Decentralized Clinical Trial Solutions

Decentralized clinical trial (DCT) models enable patients to enroll and participate in clinical trials from home or significantly reduce traveling to a central investigator site.

DCTs require careful consideration on design and execution — from protocol development to technologies to enroll and monitor patients, collect patient data remotely, and manage clinical supplies.

Improve Patient Experience

Actionable insights into patient needs and priorities
Remote Consent and PRO data collection
Focused questions to reduce burdens
Handheld, BYOD, web-based back up
Patient engagement solutions to ensure compliance and retention
Direct-to-patient clinical supply strategies
24x7x365 global technical support

Transform Sponsor Processes

Configurable and customizable platform
Iterative development process
Multiple modalities for execution flexibility
Single app-based build for all modalities
Scientific experts to focus the questions
Data science experts optimize technology
Clinical supplies consulting for sound business decisions
Clinical supplies lifecycle accountability and reconciliation
Actionable status reports with Power BI

Increase Site Satisfaction

Tablets specifically designed for eCOA data collection
Web-based backup
Access multiple studies on the same device
Single sign on
Self-service clinical supply tools
24x7x365 global technical support

Optimizing Decentralized Clinical Trial Strategy and Technologies


Overcoming Technology Challenges in Decentralized Clinical Trials


The Future of Decentralized Clinical Trials


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