Statistical Consulting


Statistical Consulting

Statistical integrity is essential for accurate clinical trial design and analysis. YPrime’s biostatistical consulting covers a range of services.

Our expertise is often paired with IRT deployments for:

  • Completion of randomization and/or materials specification document
  • Generation of randomization or material lists
    • Simulated and complex randomizations
    • Randomization audit trails
    • Metrics on randomness of the randomization
  • Development of tools for testing and executing randomization
  • Assistance with simulated and complex randomizations

Count on YPrime for Strategic Advice and Expert IRT Support for Statistical Deliverables

As experts with decades of clinical research experience, we can:

  • Provide guidance to ensure a sound approach to population design or sample size during protocol development
  • Creation or review of a statistical analysis plan
  • Assist with novel study designs, including one-of-a-kind and first-of-a-kind
  • Conduct unblinded statistical review during interim analyses of a study
  • Support the creation of the clinical study report through programming of tables, listings, and figures

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