Data Science

YPrime’s data scientists are critical thinkers and key strategists who have a passion for helping clients optimize eCOA and IRT technology to drive better outcomes for clinical trials.

The Data Science team works closely with clients to customize their study-specific data collection, transfer, integration, analysis, and reporting needs. Their expert review process helps minimize pain for their clients.

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“No other data science team at any other eCOA company helps construct data standards for my studies.”

Top 15 Pharma Company

The Data Science team’s deep knowledge of the entire clinical trial process, data standards, questionnaire’s library, and submission requirements enable clients to:

  • Maximize the potential of technology to ensure the highest quality data
  • Ensure data integrity and timely data transfer
  • Gain efficiencies through collaboration with data management and analytics
  • Streamline the creation of SDTM datasets and other regulatory documents for efficient regulatory review
  • Receive ‘best practices’ randomization services with in-house statistician’s expert consultation for optimum randomization schemes

See How YPrime’s Data Science Solutions Help Deliver the Highest Quality Data.