YPrime’s IRT—
Certainty in Clinical Trial Randomization and Supply Chain Management 

Clinical trials are integral to unlocking life-saving treatments. But with 60% of trials experiencing delays and 56% dealing with four+ protocol amendments, you can’t afford sub-standard Interactive Response Technology (IRT).

A pharmaceutical company recently approached YPrime with a significant hurdle. Their existing IRT platform took over six weeks for each (of the eight!) protocol amendments during their clinical trial, resulting in a staggering 48+ weeks of trial delays. Clearly, an unacceptable situation.

YPrime’s IRT has a proven history of de-risking clinical trials. With 50% faster study start-up times, 4x faster system changes related to protocol amendments, and a 100% configurable platform, we can help you solve for certainty.

Download our latest fact sheet and learn more about how YPrime’s IRT technology platform can help you improve your clinical trials.

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