The forecasting tool to take the guess work out of clinical supply chain planning.

eClinical software pioneer, Y-Prime, inc., released their latest addition to the YPrime clinical research software suite. Version 1.0 of their Clinical Supply Forecasting (eCSF) product is now available to pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, contract research/manufacturing organizations, and clinical supply chain professionals. The software helps sponsors to reduce their cost and timeline when beginning a clinical trial.

YPrime provided industry experts an in-depth demonstration of eCSF at a recent industry conference, Clinical Trials Supply East Coast 2014, in Princeton, NJ, and many agreed that the new product offers, "a significant alternative for clinical supply chain planning". YPrime Senior Director of Product Strategy and Innovation, Russell Brierley says, "We spent considerable effort to be sure we deliver a product that will enable clinical supply managers to plan more efficiently and successfully than traditional spreadsheet driven planning." Brierley adds, "eCSF v1.0 is an essential tool that provides real-time integration with your IRT system that not only directly supports an informed decision making process -- but allows those decisions to be made faster."

CEO Shawn Blackburn says, "We are very excited about the eCSF software's ability to impact the human experience when planning and maintaining clinical trials. Making data more accessible and putting data in the right people's hands is a core philosophy which is apparent in eCSF v1.0."

Drawing from over 30 years of real world clinical supply chain and drug development experience, eCSF v1.0 was built to provide a dynamic, consistent planning process and maximize the relationship between the knowledge of clinical supply professionals, data, and the tools by which they protect and improve the performance and margins of a clinical trial through advanced supply chain management.