Patient Insights for DCTs

Patient Insights for DCTs

Decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) allow patients to enroll and participate in clinical trials using technology that helps reduce or eliminate the need for in person interaction at central investigator sites.

Designing a DCT that is both person and patient focused requires an in-depth understanding of the unique needs and preferences within specific heterogeneous patient populations to ensure compliance with the study protocol.

Global Patient Insights & Strategy Programs for DCTs

Provide stakeholders with in-depth, actionable insights from patients, care partners, healthcare providers, patient advocacy groups, and payers to assist in developing:

  • Trial messaging & positioning, outreach strategies, and patient support programs that resonate with patients and care partners
  • Patient-centered protocols, trial designs, enrollment and retention strategies and tools
  • Digital applications that engage, incentivize, and motivate patients & care partners
  • PROs that are relevant to patients, define preferred delivery methods, and are aligned with the patient population’s health literacy level

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Global Patient Insights and Strategy

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