Patient Insights

YPrime’s Global Patient Insights & Strategy team focuses on gaining in-depth understanding of the person behind the patient and the factors influencing their health journeys and decision-making behaviors.

We bring the patient and care-partner perspective into all aspects of the drug development lifecycle and pharmaceutical innovation.

Prioritizing Patient Needs

We work directly with patients, care partners, healthcare providers (HCPs), patient advocacy groups (PAGs) and payers to uncover and understand what is most important in the daily lives and healthcare journeys of our most important stakeholders. By partnering with patients and the key influencers in their lives, we dig deep to uncover the many layers of data, always keeping in mind that our data is as unique as the people who provide it. Thoughts, attitudes, emotions and beliefs translate to impactful metrics.

We work collaboratively with clients to provide data driven insights that support the development of messaging, outreach strategy, adherence modeling and patient support programs that resonate with a global audience of patients and care partners.

The Importance of Patient Perspectives

We partner directly with patients, families and patient advocates to develop high-value, trusting relationships that deliver actionable insights into the unique needs and priorities of specific patient populations.

Focusing on the Person Behind the Patient

Our creative methodologies go beyond a person’s condition to get a more holistic view of their lives, to understand the patient’s ecosystem and how it influences their health decisions and behaviors.

Engaging Advocacy

We understand the expanding role of advocacy groups and their influence with patients. We’re nurturing long-term high-value relationships with advocacy groups across many therapeutic areas. Partnering with advocacy allows us to better support the patient in the realms of clinical research, while gaining valuable insights into the patient experience.

Keep the Voice of the Patient at the Center of Clinical Development

This partnership with patients and care-partners means we can help our clients better inform:

Patient Focused Drug Development and Clinical Trials

Developing patient-focused protocols, trial designs, enrollment, retention strategies and tools.

A Global Healthcare Marketplace

Insights and strategies that reflect the diversity in experience, unmet needs and health literacy of patients across a variety of disease states and conditions.

Selection & Development of Patient Reported Outcome Tools

To ensure relevance to patients-domains identified by the patient population, delivery methodology, ability constraints.

Patient Support Programs and Education

Support for patients and care-partners.

Marketing Strategies

Insights on how products address the health needs of actual patients.

Strategic Pricing from the Patient Perspective

Uncovering the pricing thresholds directly from patients as consumers.


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Global Patient Insights and Strategy

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