Patient Engagement Strategies

In clinical trials, a patient’s experience with your eClinical technology can impact your bottom line.

An unmotivated patient is less likely to be adherent and may drop out of a trial. Technology that has been optimized for the patient can engage, inform, guide, and motivate the patient to continue and complete their clinical trial journey.

Keeping patients engaged and motivated throughout a clinical trial requires:

  • Smart trial design enabled by in depth insight into a person’s health journey and decision-making behaviors

  • The right eClinical technologies that are designed with the end user in mind and are offered in multiple modalities to provide user choice and flexibility

  • Robust patient engagement strategies

Our engagement strategies are based on behavioral science principles that have been successfully used in the consumer market and have the power to transform clunky user experiences into a seamless journey that engages and motivates patients.

Patient engagement strategies optimize technologies to drive user engagement and improve patient adherence and retention. We employ modern UX, dynamic personalization, intrinsic motivation, and predictive analytics for enhanced engagement.

Find Out How YPrime’s Patient Engagement Solutions Can Help You Engage and Motivate Patients.



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