IRT Clinical Supply Management

Clinical Supply Management

Clinical supply managers are managing multiple studies simultaneously with manual tools and processes that are slow and error prone, because full-featured IRT systems built to manage patient workflows were considered too expensive for addressing supply-only challenges.

Supply-Only IRT Solution

YPrime’s supply-only IRT solution helps clinical supply teams reduce risk and optimize their clinical supply strategy while managing their clinical supplies in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Sponsors often find they can save more than the entire cost of the IRT system and services by using this technology to optimize the balance between costs for packaging and shipping (initial supply and resupply).

Featuring built-in integrations with major packaging and distribution vendors such as Fisher, Catalent, PCI, Sharp, and more, clinical supply managers can:

  • Control resupply strategies, material release, depot management and more without waiting on helpdesk or project management staff
  • Sort, filter, aggregate data in real time
  • Export raw data in common formats
  • View study milestone data on dashboards

Decipher, Standardize and Transform Your Processes

Self-Service Clinical Supply Management

YPrime’s IRT can help optimize your clinical supply strategy for all study types and virtually all levels of complexity. Full self-service functionality means that you can control resupply strategies, material release, depot management and more – without waiting on helpdesk or project management staff.

Clinical supplies professionals intuitively manage every aspect of depot and site drugs with YPrime’s IRT system. You can count on support from YPrime when you need it, but we don’t create barriers that force you to wait in a helpdesk queue to perform critical drug supply functions, such as:

  • Drug Pooling
  • Temperature Controlled Shipping
  • Configurable Initial Shipment Triggers
  • Trigger/Resupply & Predictive Shipping
  • Manual Shipping
  • Customizable Resupply Strategies
  • Drug/Materials Release
  • Expiration Date Management
  • Site Management
  • Site Activation
  • Depot Management
  • Depot to Depot Transfers
  • Patient Status Caps Management

Self-service materials management allows clinical supply teams the ability to take full control of their supply strategy.

Decipher the complexities of patient randomization and clinical supply management

See How YPrime’s IRT Solutions Help You Simplify, Standardize, and Transform Your Processes.


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