IRT Accountability and Returns

Accountability and Returns

E2E Lifecycle Accountability

Every company’s approach to drug accountability is unique, so you shouldn’t be constrained by limitations of technology. YPrime’s configurable IRT provides the execution flexibility and adaptability to your proven business processes. This means real-time visibility without chasing paper. This includes any combination of the following scenarios, and more:

  • The ability to specify IP quantity, weight or other attributes
  • The ability to tell the system when a drug should be returned
  • Will IP be destroyed or returned to the depot? Does the depot need to verify this?
  • Are multiple drug types included within one shipment? Do you need to capture and report this? Does it need to be verified by your CRA?

Our reconciliation reporting feature makes it easy to monitor compliance on a site level. This function not only automates a time-intensive process; it also eliminates the potential for manual data entry error. YPrime’s lifecycle accountability functionality allows you to be inspection-ready at all times.


  • YPrime’s Patient Treatment Return Module allows treatment to be returned by the patient, or marked lost, to allow for electronic drug accountability
  • Standard Site IP return to depot function modules allow any kit previously reconciled to be returned to the depot

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