YPrime’s IRT is an end-to-end solution that lets you dynamically manage clinical supplies and patient interactions. It’s also configurable and customizable, based on your trial-specific needs. Count on our IRT solutions for:

  • Full control, and simplified management of patient interactions, dosing scenarios and treatment schedules
  • A range of options for early and late phase studies
  • Complete visibility into your clinical supply chain
  • Data and reporting when you want for rapid decision-making
  • Upfront supply chain strategy development to help clients maximize cost savings
  • Advanced functionality to support adaptive trials
  • Unified, single platform with our eCOA to automate and connect key data

Phase 1

Modeled on our full featured versions, systems specifically designed for Phase I studies can be built from the ground up in as little as four weeks. Our budget-friendly Phase I IRT systems offer:

  • Subject management and randomization
  • Drug management
  • Cohort management
  • Critical alerts for safety
  • Reporting

Intuitive design makes it easy for sites to use, with minimal training needed.

Analytics and Reporting

Real-time reporting capabilities provide the ability to see aggregate views and drill down to individual data points, satisfying both executive and operational-level information needs:

  • Standard and ad-hoc reports show the full picture of patients, sites and drug supply status
  • Ability to create graphs and future trending is based on data you select
  • Data visibility allows you to make subject visit and drug demand projections
  • Reports are accessible anywhere through web portal or mobile device

Minimize your clinical trial risk with YPrime’s IRT solutions.

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