Flexible and Scalable IRT for an Evolving Industry

YPrime’s IRT solution provides the ultimate flexibility to build your own IRT experience— provides easy integrations with other eClinical systems to create a unified experience through modern architecture, offers a streamlined way to select and implement the functions and features needed for each study, provides self-service access to more actionable data, and reduces the technology burden on sites.

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Modern architecture for fast build, implementation, updates

Our flexible architecture puts you in control of the functions and features needed to support your specific study, whether simple or complex.

Preconfigured and pre-validated functionality

  • No study specific coding
  • 21-CRF Part 11 compliant
  • Preview changes with rapid prototyping

Upgrades delivered automatically

  • Backwards compatibility
  • Rapidly deployed system wide
  • Manage multiple changes to different services at once

Seamless and Secure Integrations

  • Simplifies integrations with EDC, ePRO, CTMS, and other data systems
  • Embed YPrime’s IRT into other systems to create a preferred front-end experience for users
  • Reduces the site technology burden

Self-service clinical supply management

  • Puts clinical supply teams in control of their supply strategy
  • Control resupply strategies, material release, depot management without waiting on helpdesk or project management staff

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