It’s Time for the Prime eCOA Solution

Isn't it about time for a globally proven electronic clinical outcomes assessment (eCOA) technology that gives you peace of mind? One that provides a better user experience for patients, sites, and sponsors?

YPrime's eCOA platform delivers even the most complex protocol seamlessly. Developed to integrate intelligently with your other technologies, all modalities are available for site- or home-based trials. Flexible data collection solutions include BYOD and our proprietary device, paired with secure web backup for guaranteed accuracy and confident, informed decision-making.

It's About Time You Had a Robust eCOA Platform You Can Rely On


Exclusively eCOA-Focused, Deeply Experienced Team

Isn’t it about time you had an eCOA partner that saves you time?
With a 15-year track record, YPrime is focused on making eCOA the best it can be. Expertly designed, collaborative solutions give you confidence by delivering cleaner data for well-informed decision-making.


Easy for Patients, Easy for Sites With Global 24/7 Support

Isn’t it about time you had an eCOA solution designed for a great user experience?
The YPrime eCOA app helps patients engage and adhere while sites execute your protocol with greater precision and efficiency, producing better data, faster. In addition, throughout your trial, patients and sites experience proactive, 24/7 support from our expert in-house customer care team.


All eCOA Contingencies Covered

Isn’t it about time you had full control of your eCOA collection environment?
Sometimes things don’t work out as planned — and you can’t afford to miss data points. YPrime’s web backup option provides a simple alternative when the usual data entry modality isn’t available.


Devices That Keep Your Data Collection Secure

Isn’t it about time you had a purpose-built eCOA device?
YPrime’s proprietary eCOA devices are purpose-built for performance, security, life cycle, and supply chain stability and devices assure continuous, high quality data – even with long-term use. Our devices are designed to fit patients’ lifestyles, while keeping their data secure.


A Robust and Proven eCOA Solution

Isn't it about time you had an eCOA software platform that offers peace of mind?
YPrime’s globally proven, proprietary technology eases your mind through superior processing power and advanced security protections. Our platform maintains full control over the digital data collection environment, while multiple pathways ensure global connectivity, no matter what.

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It’s About Time You Had a Robust eCOA Platform You Can Rely On

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