eCOA for DCTs

eCOA for DCTs

Decentralized clinical trials enable patients to enroll and participate in clinical trials without traveling (or reducing travel) to a central investigator site.

COVID-19 caused a significant disruption in clinical development and a strain on the entire health care system, factors that helped to accelerate industry’s adoption of the decentralized strategy. Technologies to enroll and monitor patients, collect patient data remotely, and manage clinical supplies has transformative effects on the design and execution of clinical trials.

YPrime’s eCOA solutions for Decentralized Clinical Trials

  • Remote ePRO data collection with multiple modalities to increase flexibility and convenience for patients including handheld devices, BYOD, and web-based back up
  • Patient engagement strategies and solutions to keep patients more informed, boost compliance, and improve retention
  • Tablets for sites exclusively designed for eCOA data collection, sites may access multiple studies on the same device and single sign-on technology eliminates multiple system logins
  • App-based architecture allows for a single build for all modalities, including web-based back up, reducing development time, risk, and costs
  • Web-based back up solutions provide continuous data collection in the rare event of device malfunction, loss or when patients cannot travel to investigator sites
  • Scientific experts help clients focus on those endpoints and timepoints that answer the most important research questions, meet regulatory expectations, and reduce the burden on patients
  • Data science team to help clients optimize eCOA technology to drive better outcomes and deliver cleaner data

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