eCOA Device Strategy

eCOA Device Strategy

The YPrime advantage – eCOA Devices

eCOA device selection plays a critical role in clinical study success.

When consumer devices are used for patient data collection, ostensibly small things, such as app and OS updates, download activity, and battery life, have a big impact on data integrity, security and the potential for data loss.

YPrime’s eCOA devices have been strategically chosen for performance, security, lifecycle, and supply chain stability. Our devices ensure continuous, high data quality throughout the life of your clinical research – even with long-term use.


eCOA Solutions Powered by Advanced Technology

Choose YPrime devices for:

Control and Security

  • YPrime retains full control over the digital data collection environment, including when and how OS updates are deployed.
    • Updates are controlled to occur only at specific times, avoiding interference with patient data collection
    • End users are prevented from downloading unknown apps
    • Advanced security protocols prevent vulnerabilities and hacking
  • Remote on/off, lock and wipe capabilities provide robust risk management coverage, in the event of device loss or theft

Performance & Longevity

  • These devices are purpose-built for eCOA and are loaded with the YPrime eCOA app and no other software, maximizing battery life and operating speed
  • The Qualcomm platform is globally recognized for its ability to optimize performance, lifecycle, supply chain stability and cost-effectiveness
  • The Qualcomm chipset supports the advanced features, technologies and processing power required for use in clinical trials
  • Core component selection is based on supply chain reliability and long-term support, ensuring usability for years to come
  • Unlike consumer device lifecycles of 9-12 months, YPrime’s devices are available for up to 5 years, allowing for re-use in future studies.
  • Comprehensive one-year warranty coverage ensures protection of devices starting from the day of deployment instead of the day of purchase
  • Devices can be repaired or reconditioned as needed beyond 5 years

Global Coverage

  • One device can be shipped globally to support clinical trials around the world, through fully-managed certifications
    • Device certifications are continually updated as needed
  • Global coverage across different cellular technologies and three major carriers helps ensure connectivity throughout long-term studies and future-proofs against technologies going end-of-life
  • Designed for a single-use experience with the ideal mix of performance, sourcing reliability, long-term use and granular control required for clinical research environments.

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