eCOA Platform

Capturing, reviewing, and presenting clinical outcomes data throughout the course of a clinical trial has become increasingly complex as the industry shifts toward more patient-centric trials.

eCOA Solutions Powered by Advanced Technology

YPrime’s eCOA solutions meet the unique needs of each therapeutic area.

Our fully configurable, application-based eCOA platform is designed and implemented by a team that is passionate about improving the daily lives of patients, sites, and sponsors. We combine our know-how and technology to:

  • Deliver cleaner data

  • Enhance clinical trial efficiency

  • Increase site satisfaction

  • Improve patient compliance

Accessible Technology

YPrime offers accessible technology that is designed with the end user in mind.


  • Our iterative development process ensures clients can see the system at key stages during design and development, well in advance of go-live, to ensure their requirements are met in a timely and efficient way
  • Software is developed to intelligently integrate with other technologies allowing sponsors to optimize their current investments in complementary systems, devices, and applications


  • Site users can move between devices without the risk of missing or duplicating data
  • Single sign on allows sites to manage all YPrime studies with one set of credentials


  • Flexible BYOD, provisioned devices, and web-based solutions keep data secure and make it easier for patients to participate in clinical trials regardless of geographic location
  • Straightforward and intuitive design ensures patients stay engaged and remain compliant

Therapeutically Driven Solutions

YPrime’s eCOA solution meets the unique needs of each therapeutic area.

  • Our robust platform provides both customized and pre-validated configurable authoring environments to meet the protocol-specific needs of each study
  • Scientific experts help clients focus on the endpoints and timepoints that answer the most important research questions to meet regulatory expectations
  • Our industry-influencing data science team are leaders in building new protocol-specific integrations with other platforms, medical devices, and applications

Informed Decisions

Access to near real-time data is critical for monitoring data quality throughout a clinical trial and driving informed decision making. YPrime provides critical data collection, correction, and monitoring solutions to protect data integrity and provides visibility into that data throughout the trial.

  • Our web-based backup for sites and patients to ensure continuous data collection in the event devices fail, break, or are lost
  • Our instant data correction tool streamlines the DCF process so the entire process of data changes, review, and approval can be completed in minutes
  • Our data monitoring service to provide early warning to study teams about potential compliance or safety risks
  • Our data analytics feature provides quick insight into information that matters most
  • Data can be extracted any time directly from the study portal

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