Look for a partner who will make your life easier, not harder.

What if there was an IRT that delivered fast, single-click access to your data and reports?

YPrime is ready to solve your problems, not create new ones.

Our people-centric solution is waiting for you at YPrime. It’s the smartest, fastest, most intuitive Interactive Response Technology product on the market. One click gets you access to data and information you need today, with smart analytics that guide you on the needs of tomorrow.

11,280 users. 3,821 sites. 50 countries. 24,725 patients.

So many sponsors and CRO's are choosing YPrime, find out why.

What sets us apart?

Our process is different, because we include you. You’re on our team, working to deliver a system that has everything you need. We’ll visually configure your IRT study from kickoff to go-live. Our standard integration features allow you to stay connected to your existing EDC, Labs, Clinical Supplies, and any other third party partners.

With the most robust clinical supply-centric features for Drug Accountability and Returns available, you will eliminate the question “Where are my drugs?”

As the adaptive trial design movement gains momentum, you need a partner who can configure your study with minimal need for back-end support.


Features & Benefits

  • Screen_Shot_2015-10-14_at_5.49.11_PMSimple, easy to understand
  • Instant access to your data
  • Configured for speed, can be customized for need
  • It's simpler, faster reporting that makes you more productive.