Brian Langin and Shawn Blackburn will be in Boston for a marathon week, April 20-24, at both the Bio IT & Partnerships conferences - making connections, meeting clients, networking with partners, and discussing the attributes for the clinical trial industry.

We've set up this easy-to-use, 3-click process, allowing you to book appointment time with Brian.

  • 1. Click Here - taking you to our customized YPrime appointment scheduling site
  • 2. Select any open appointment time (in green), and fill out your contact information
  • 3. Click Confirm Booking

Finally, at 6pm Thursday evening April 23, KPS and YPrime are hosting a Post Conference Networking Social at Jerry Remy's, located at 250 Northern Ave at Seaport between the World Trade Center & Bank of America Pavilion. Read the detailed Blog post here.

YPrime Story

In 2006, while working in Clinical Operations providing necessary CTMS support for a fast growing Biopharmaceutical Company, everything changed. That vendor-customer relationship progressed into a deeper, more personal connection when their eClinical frustrations led them to ask of us the question, “Can you help us?”

Excited and energized by this opportunity, that simple question lit the fire. It confirmed our longstanding belief that by thinking outside the box and exceeding expectations, solving the problems of our clients is what motivates us. It’s what we wanted to do.

That story is how we continually define partnerships. We believe a true partnership is created when your team encounters a challenge, and you trust YPrime to deliver a solution for you.