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YPrime Clinical Supply Forecasting
April 19, 2022 YPrime


YPrime Clinical Supply Forecasting

Real-Time Visibility to Plan, Adapt, Optimize

Meet YPrime clinical supply forecasting experts at the GCSG 2022 US Conference in San Antonio, TX. Visit us at Booth # 25


Advancing IRT Into the Future

Date: Tuesday, May 3, 12:30-1:30 PM
Location: Hill Country F

This session will benefit advanced clinical supply IRT users and technology innovation-minded professionals alike. We will examine the age-old statement, “IRT should only do two things – randomize patients and manage clinical supply.” Is it time for this statement to evolve? If so, what will the future hold for IRT in the clinical supply manager’s toolkit?

  • How IRT supports DCT today and the impact of IRT’s evolution
  • Advanced IRT functionalities for today’s clinical supply chain
  • The next evolution of integrated IRT and clinical supply systems

Bryan Clayton,
Senior Vice President,
Strategic Solutions

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