YPrime's Unified Platform

Clinical data silos are arguably the biggest obstacle to efficient clinical development. They introduce redundancy, risk, and extra cost to your clinical trial. At YPrime, our technology stack is designed to eliminate silos.

The architecture, platform, and core services are all built with a cross-platform ecosystem in mind. Operational efficiencies between IRT and eCOA are realized through a shared environment across the two functions.

How it Works

A single database hosts eCOA and IRT functions in a shared ecosystem, accessible via a common interface.

  • A single patient identification number works across eCOA and IRT systems. Data entry into one system updates the other, eliminating repetitive data creation.
  • Dynamic device reporting and real-time enrollment data provides sponsors with full visibility on device management, study enrollment status and trends.
  • Analytics and reporting related to IRT and eCOA metrics are captured in the same screen, allowing for the easy identification of trends, anomalies or specific data points.
  • Patient-level reporting allows site users to view demographics, corresponding visits and applicable questionnaires in a single screen.

Reduces risk…

Manual data entry and one-off integrations introduce significant risks to data integrity. Integrations between systems inevitably break during a study, causing discrepant data, frustrated site users and sponsors.  Integration breaks typically follow any routine database update. The time required to restore a system often spans several days, creating a sizable margin for lost data, and additional manual updates. YPrime’s technology solutions are built in a shared environment, replacing the need for traditional integration.

Saves money…

A single system and development team offers cost and time management savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars per trial.

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