Clinical Data Management


Clinical Data Management

Clinical product development and approval depends entirely on clean and accurate data.

At YPrime, we understand that errors can occur requiring quick and accurate correction. Rather than take time away from already busy site staff or create delays for patients, our clinical data management team is available 24/7 equipped with both automated and manual data correction solutions.

Our clinical data management team can help minimize errors during manual data entry and ensure quick and accurate data corrections.

Automated Data Correction Form (DCF) tool for eCOA

YPrime offers an automated data correction form (DCF) tool, allowing site staff to submit simple data corrections at the touch of a button. Once approved, the required changes are implemented immediately, reducing any further burden to site personnel or patients. This allows site staff to focus on what’s important, the treatment and well-being of their patients.

Manual Data Corrections for eCOA and IRT

For IRT and more complex eCOA data corrections, the clinical data management team are on hand to review and process requests. With data integrity in mind, our strict verification and validation process ensures that all corrections are processed accurately, with clear audit trails throughout.


Example Manual DCF Process


Data Entry

Paper Assessment Data Entry

At YPrime, our eCOA solutions ensure that data is captured accurately and in real time. However, we realize that capturing data electronically is not always possible. For those occasions, we have developed XCELerator, a paper entry tool which allows our clinical data management team to enter site and subject answers efficiently and accurately, directly from completed paper assessments. Our VALidator tool helps verify the entered data, ensures accurate data transcription, and reduces any risks to data integrity.

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