Case Study


Clinical Trial Supplies - The Difference is Significant when Ostensibly Small Costs Add Up

YPrime’s clinical supply consultants offer strategic guidance and operational oversight to sponsors of clinical trials, or they can simply provide an extra set of hands when internal resources are stretched thin. Recently, a small biopharmaceutical company asked YPrime for help with clinical supply chain management of a global Phase III leukemia program.

Global shipping costs for temperature controlled supplies, across nearly 200 sites and 8 countries had recently spiraled out of control. Investigator sites were receiving multiple low volume shipments per month. In the most extreme cases, some sites received as many as 18 shipments per month. The cost impact was clear when the shipment frequency was compared to the planned study duration. The sponsor also needed to minimize overages due to scarcity of the investigational product.

YPrime began with an evaluation of the company’s IRT set-up. Soon after, YPrime recommended re-adjusting the IRT settings, and provided weekly supply oversight for the five studies.

Single kit shipments were quickly eliminated, and site shipments were reduced to approximately one per month. Pleased with the significant savings recognized within this single study, the sponsor tapped YPrime’s clinical supplies team to manage a portfolio of studies associated with the same compound.

YPrime’s approach eliminated inefficient clinical supply practices that would have added an estimated seven figures in excess trial expenses.