Introducing YP Connect: A Vendor-Independent Clinical Trial Data Integration Service

Increased trial complexity means the number of systems used to collect and process clinical trial data is increasing. This also means more data sources, incompatible formats and multiple interfaces.

In short... major obstacles to efficient decision-making.

YP Connect integrates clinical trial data from any eClinical system, giving you a unified cross-platform view and harmonized reporting. As a reporting tool, YP Connect consolidates large volumes of data and presents information visually and intuitively, allowing you to see trends and anomalies and make decisions quickly.

YP Connect provides management tools, reporting and visibility at every level:

  • Study Managers: Better decision-making that helps reprioritize work tasks. Quick resolution of daily issues, from site activation to study close-out.
  • Clinical Program Managers: an enterprise view into metrics, cycle timelines, therapeutic level trends
  • Medical Review: Customized views into aggregate and patient-level safety data to continuously monitor data effectively.
  • Senior management: A complete view into program-level performance to justify investment decisions, manage risk and optimize ROI

Data integration challenges are not new. Yet until now, no solution existed that integrates and harmonizes data over the full lifecycle of a clinical trial -- as a standalone service offering.

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