Clinical Outcomes

Collaborative Design Process to Capture your Clinical Outcomes

YPrime’s approach incorporates agile methodologies to involve you in every stage of development. Our tools allow for simultaneous configuration with requirements gathering to compress timelines. Instead of approving comprehensive documentation describing how your system should work, you only sign off on working software that you’ve actually seen. We build your specifications directly into your devices.

The result? Full visibility into the development process, no surprises and expedited delivery in 6 – 10 weeks.

Analytics accessed through your mobile device or portal

Real-time study analytics, including customizable dashboards, inventory management and the ability to look at trends across any data point ensure you have the information you need to make informed decisions. Single sign-on allows access across all devices, and to all studies within your portfolio.

Productivity Center

Global capabilities, dedicated support teams, remote diagnostic feature as well as live chat functionality—a support feature that’s unique to YPrime—connects directly to our help desk to speed troubleshooting and resolution of any issue.

With our depth of support, tools and access, YPrime is the solution you need to streamline your ePRO and eCOA strategies.

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